Monday, September 8, 2014

Published! Quilting Arts Holiday

The holiday postcards that I made and wrote about for last Christmas are now in Quilting Arts Holiday issue. There's also my favorite Holiday Biscotti recipe included.

Many other very appealing gift ideas are also in the magazine and the little jacket ornaments on the cover are pretty darn cute. Pick up a copy and get started on your holiday list.

Be sure and check back for the Quiting Arts Holiday blog hop starting on Friday.

Every year I plant several coleus in a large barrel planter by Studio B's door. This year they have been spectacular.

The one on the left above is my favorite.

So I decided to duplicate it in stitch for my weekly leaf. I drew the leaf very lightly on my fabric with colored pencils.

I now wish I had just painted the leaf and added some stitching, but that's not what I did. I stitched the entire leaf and it took forever.

Weekly Leaf #36

I did a very close duplication, but it reminds me of the stitching that I did back in the 70's. To me it feels very controlled  and I prefer something a bit looser. But it's done and it's now time to get on with the next one.

Daily Stitching updates

Line Dance #244-#251

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  1. Wow! The coleus rendering is amazing. My coleus were great this summer, too, but I all I did was look at them.

    I'll have to look for the magazine.

  2. Intriguing stitchery all the way through. Is it possible to be both "looser" and accurate? I'll be interested to see future coleus to see.

    1. I'll have to think about looser vs accurate, maybe I can't be both.:)