Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stenciled Leaf Quilt Done

The stenciled leaf quilt that I've been working on sporadicly is finally finished. I quilted it and then never got around to trimming it and putting the binding on, well now I have.

Leaves, 60" x 45"

This weekend I've been working on and finished a poster for my master gardeners class I'm taking. Everyone in the class has to do a poster and then a presentation of it this coming week. We could choose any topic, I chose edible flowers. Looks a bit amateurish to me, but it's done. Don told me that it looked great, so I'll trust him.

The Weekly Leaf, #10

This week I used the Gelli plate again, along with some masks(the cut out part of a stencil) that are from Green Pepper Press

Here's the first print, taken with the masks on the plate.

The second print, taken with the mask removed from the plate.

The finished piece.

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  1. Talk about productive......very impressive!

  2. i seen that you was going to make a quilt from the cheer uniform top and jacket. I was wondering if your granddaughter had any other cheer uniforms she might get rid of. I help teams find used cheerleading uniforms that cant afford new and I know she wants a memory quilt made from those uniforms but I would buy them so a girl in need could reuse them. please let me know. even if she just has the skirt I can use that . my email is