Monday, March 17, 2014

A new start

On Friday I started  a new daily stitching project and I'm still working it out. I knew that I wanted to incorporate some of the paper collections that I have sitting around here, my dilemma was which ones and how. I've settled on using the pile of very colorful paper towels that had been used to clean up after dying fabric. This is most of the pile.

 My next dilemma was how to use them. I started by tearing some pieces up and fusing them to some white fabric, then adding stitching. I don't have enough of the white fabric (a cotton sheeting) for the whole year so I thought I'd add in some of the leftover background pieces form my 365 Red Circles. While stitching on day two I decided that I would like some of the squares to be all paper. I cut some 4" shares out of the paper towels and fused them to a light weight muslin and discarded the idea of using leftovers from a previous project. So here's the first four days worth, the picture was taken this morning in terrible light.

This is where I am with it now, it may change again, but it's starting to feel comfortable. The end product will be very colorful. Now I need a name for it, I'm think Paper Trail, but am open to suggestions.

Line Dance #74 - #76

The weekly leaf.
This week the leaf has been stenciled with paintstiks and a stencil from Cedar Canyon Textiles .

Week #11

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  1. Maybe Paper Chase? since they don't actually form trails?
    or Paper Days?

  2. love the leaf piece! Beautiful stitching

  3. Beautiful leaf and looking forward to the new paper project.

  4. It's a beautiful leaf and I love your stiching!

  5. oooh, oooh, oooh, your new project is soooooo exciting: exciting colors and exciting oddball shapes...ooooooh!
    best, nadia