Monday, March 24, 2014

Settling in

I'm starting to settle in with my new daily stitching project, seems to have taken me longer than usual but I think it's because it's taking me longer to get it all together. With my previous projects I had all the fabric cut and ready to go when I started. This time I have to fuse a piece of the paper to my pre cut square and it's been a rather slow process, but I do have enough done for the next three months.
My pile of paper has it's own container now.

The pieces that are ready to use have another container.

I have two piles going, one that is a four inch square of the paper towel fused to a piece of flannel, the other is odd shapes fused to a four inch square of white cotton. The odd shapes are the ones that are taking the most time, getting that odd little piece of fusible in the right spot takes some patience. I've also included some odd pieces of hand made paper and some tea bag paper.

I was also contemplating what to name this project. Sandy Snowden gave me a couple good suggestions, paper chase and paper days, but I think I've settled in on The Daily Paper.

The Daily Paper #5 - #11

Line Dance #77 - #83

This weeks leaf is another one that has been stenciled with paintstiks.

The Weekly Leaf #12

Here's a shot of all twelve.

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  1. yes! the Daily Papers is perfect! This will be a fascinating journey.
    I love the gingko? leaf, but the group is wonderful.

  2. The leaves together are so inspiring.

  3. Love the texture on the gingko leaves.

  4. Hi, Linda. Great title for the paper project, which I just LUV. Ok, the rest is beautiful, too...the latest leaf is a knock-out. I like the combination of paint and stitch.
    best, nadia

  5. Way to go, I love this collection, what a great idea! Great stitching!

  6. Love what you are doing with The Daily Paper! And the weekly leaf project is very exciting. Makes me want to start another daily (or weekly) stitching project.

  7. The leaves are becoming a forest floor!