Monday, March 3, 2014


 Yesterday my friends Lisa and Kathleen came over and spent several hours sharing and eating. This is the first time we have been able to get together this year so we had lots to share. They are both incredible artists and had wonderful new work to show. I always feel so inspired after spending time with them.

Today I spent the afternoon with another group of friends, we all met at Curves several years ago. We used to share and do show and tell early in the morning at Curves. Then our local Curves closed, so we've been getting together once a month so that we could share what we've been doing. There are five of us, we take turns hosting and we all really look forward to our get togethers - at least I know I do.

I feel so fortunate to have all these women in my life, they have definitely enriched it. Thank you.

This month I will be doing some guest posts on the "and then we set it on fire" blog.  Beata is a regular on the blog and has invited several of us to join her this month to explore hand stitching. My posts will be on the 14th and the 28th, but be sure to check out the blog all month long.

The Weekly Leaf #9

This week I used a hand carved stamp.

Daily Stitching

Indigo and Rust #349 - #355, only ten more to go.

Line dance #56 & #57
The first three rows
#58- #62

Monthly project
Mom and Me #3

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  1. Thanks, Linda. I'm so glad we found you and I am very inspired by you, too! Our get togethers are always so enjoyable.

  2. Your Mom and Me #3 is very lovely. The simple alternating of the direction of the stitching is just perfect for it.

  3. Oh the stamp is great...I never to do nature motifs. I'm glad you got some social time in.