Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Postcards

Every year I make a few valentine postcards for my younger grand children and since it was a snow day when I started making them this year I made a few extra for friends. I stitched a heart shape using french knots and cross stitches, photocopied it and made a thermofax screen.

The original on the left, the photocopy and the screen.

The screen was then used to print on either a pink cotton or some vintage plaid silk with burgundy fabric paint.

The hearts were fused to Timtex and a few more stitches were added in different spots on each one. A backing was fused on and the edges were stitched.

Ready for address and message.

The best part is that I also received some valentines from some of the same friends I sent them to!

The weekly Leaf #6

This leaf was printed with green fabric paint on hand dyed fabric using a thermofax screen. It's a very old screen and I can't remember whether I drew the image or used clip art or a combination of both.

Daily Stitching
Indigo and Rust #334 - #337

Line Dance #41 - #44

I've also finished quilting the vintage block piece, all that's left is the hand stitching to finish the binding.

Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Talk about productive!! Wow....and you've left me with Thermofax envy!!!

    1. I had thermofax envy for years and I so appreciate having one now.

  2. Your work is utterly charming! I also now have Thermofax envy! I've wanted to play more with the process but time and expense get in the way.

    1. I must say I do love my thermofax and best of all I got it free!

  3. You Valentines are so pretty and I love your weekly leaf!