Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Vintage block quilt done

The quilt made from vintage blocks is finished, except for the label. I need to get some information about the woman who had these blocks, she passed way recently and was in her 90's. The quilt is 75" x 75" and too big to photograph on my design wall so I've put it on a spare bed to get a photo.

The leaf this week is based on a doodle that I did while in a meeting. I enlarged it, reversed it, made a toner copy and used Citra-solv to transfer it to hand dyed fabric.

The original doodle and the enlargement.

The reverse image and the transfer.

The Weekly Leaf #7

Daily Stitching
Indigo and Rust #338 - #342

Line Dance #45 - #49

Monthly Project
Mom and Me, February

This is one of her crocheted doilies that would have been starched so that the edges would ruffle. I don't think it was ever used. I found that if it was folded not quite in the center and pressed, it would lay fairly flat. It's mounted on an eight inch canvas.

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  1. Love the way you showcased the doily.

    and also how the quilting makes the 'propeller blades?' of the motif pop on the quilt.Sandy

  2. Yes, the quilting on those antique blocks really bring them to life. I don't imagine that it was an easy job. As usual, your leaf is beautiful and I like the way your hand stitching ties them all together.