Saturday, March 24, 2012

Daily project update and a quick book review

Here's the six squares I've done since my last post.

That's about all I've gotten done this week, it was a week of several unplanned time suckers popping up. Like new tires at Costco and Costco is 50 miles away and it involved two trips. Nothing bad, just not how I had hoped to spend my week.

After I finally got home from my second tire trip there was a surprise package in the mail. I received a copy of Art Quilt Portfolio: The Natural World a new release from Lark Crafts, written by Martha Sielman.

This book is a feast for the eyes. There are not only theme galleries of pictures, there are many in depth artist profiles. I went straight to the Tree themed gallery since that's my latest obsession and was not disappointed. Wonderful quilts of trees and not a one that looks like anything I would do. I've not had time to actually read any of the artist profiles and am hoping to get some reading time in tonight. I have gone thru and looked at the wonderful pictures and came across some artist's that I'm not familiar with, so I'm looking forward to spending some quality time reading.

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