Monday, March 7, 2011

Rejection and starting something new

I've been feeling a bit down since I rolled out of bed this morning, most likely because I had trouble getting to sleep last night and this morning was looking like another rainy grey day. So I putzed around getting some errands done and was about to get to work in the studio when the mail came with a letter from AQS. It was a thin one, which means that the big leaf quilt was rejected.

So I threw away the letter(I never keep rejection letters), made a bag of popcorn and ate it. Then I had some of my favorite very dark chocolate, Lindts 85% dark, which is always on hand. Still feeling a bit bummed I remembered that Don had bought me my favorite chips awhile ago and I had hidden them away. Hidden no longer!

I'm not much of a chip person, but I love these. I ate most of the bag!
Can't say I feel any better ,but I am full. Does this mean I'm an emotional eater????

I did finish the hand stitching and machine quilting on the piece I showed last week. I was trying for a nebula, but it looks like amoebas. The title is the Amoeba Nebula. I'm having a difficult time getting a good picture of it.

I've got a new project in the works. The art guild has decided that I should do the art work for this years raffle, which has always been a painting. I'm making another big leaf, only not as big. I've got it drawn out and should get into the studio and do some work on it. It will be about 28" x 42" and made with fabric leftover from the first one. After it's quilted it will be mounted on stretcher bars so that it hangs like a painting. The leaf shape is just a bit different from the last one.

Now I need to find another show to enter the big leaf in, I've usually had good luck with rebounds. Whenever a quilt gets rejected I try and find another show to enter it in right away.


  1. Sorry about your news, I still love the big leaf! How about the PAQA South show coming up (I'm a member of the organization) -- check out the website:
    I think the maximum size is 40w x 60high. Hope yours fits into that size!

  2. Thanks Laura, it's 48 x 72. I'm entering it in Mancuso's Denver show.

  3. Isn't it strange how 'one of those days' can be sensed the moment you open your eyes - sounds like you've got some effective tactics for dealing with!

  4. Thanks Pammy, I'm back to my normal self today after a good nights sleep and a long walk this morning.

  5. Sorry about your rejected quilt...l think it is beautifulx. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We are nearly all comfort eaters my friend. Do NOT let this rejection get to you..your work is amazing xxkeep sewingx lynda