Thursday, May 4, 2017

Upholstery fabric, stitching and a kitten update

My big comfy chair that I bought 25 years ago is starting to look its age. I've considered trying to reupholster it myself, but can't seem to get motivated. Lucky for me a young woman in town has started an upholstery business and I'd rather she do it. I have some very heavy weight hemp fabric in two different weaves, a herringbone and nubby almost basketweave. I've bought a piece of printed home dec fabric and have decided to dye the hemp to go with it. I've done samples that are close enough for me.

The hemp fabric frays a lot, so I had to dig out the serger and do the edges. Yesterday I did the mocha  color and I'm happy with it.

Today the blue is in the dye bath, almost ready for rinsing.

The feral kittens are about three weeks old now, eyes are open and they are moving around more, but still sleep huddled up together.

Weekly Stitching Update
Signs of Life: The five universal shapes week #18

This set so far.

2017 daily Stitching  days 117-124
 Lots more french knots

Finally a few more rows of stitching on the SAQA Auction piece.

I'll be linking up to "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching", check out what others are doing.


  1. Wow, you have a whole lot of projects in progress. They are wonderful. I love the wavy blue fabric for your chair. Oh my, those kittens are adorable.

  2. Love the blue fabric for your chair, you have some interesting projects to keep you stitching.

  3. Cool fabric for your chair! I also have a chair that I want to reupholster, but I am chicken to do it myself. I should just go for it.
    The kittens are so darn cute!

  4. You must have bionic eyes! That is a lot of very close, meticulous stitching! All look fantastic, too!

  5. Those french knots look like fun.

  6. I like the chair fabric and your dyeing job looks spot on! Kitties are adorable, as are all kittens.