Friday, December 6, 2019

Another Project Done

I would like to Thank all those who left messages of support for my husbands surgery. It's over, we are back home, there were a few problems but he got through it and is doing fairly well. He has about 4-6 weeks for recovery and I can see an improvement everyday. Next step is in 10 days we go back to Boise for another test and hopefully catheter removal, step by step to get healthy again. Cancer sure changes your life. This was the view from his 6th floor hospital window, the bear sculpture on the roof of the Children's Hospital.

25 Million Stitches

Finished! Now I just need to package it up and mail it in.

2019 Weekly Leaf #49
SolarFast on silk

2019 Daily Stitching #5
I took a break this week, so there's no progress to show.

What I did do with all my time sitting and waiting was knit, I only have a couple more rows to go and this sock will be done.

I'll be linking up with "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching"


  1. That’s wonderful news Linda….just in time for Christmas!!

  2. Glad your husband is recovering well. Lovely projects especially the 25million stitches. Those socks look like they will be very cosy!

  3. Lovely finish! I know that feels good. Your ginko leaf is perfect; you captured its essence nicely! :)

  4. Great finish. So glad your husband is recovering and you can see the improvement.

  5. That is good news that your husband's surgery went fairly well. Knitting is always an excellent pastime when one is waiting and waiting around hospitals. Your Solarfast on Silk is beautiful.

  6. Good news about the recovery progress...slow and steady gets you there! Enjoyed seeing your stitching projects... the 25 million piece is awesome!

  7. Oh I am glad to hear your news. I hope things continue to improve.
    Love your stitches as usual! Good work on the 25Million Stitches.

  8. Good news about your hubby! I hope that all continues to go well. Your finished hands look great!