Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tulips, kittens, yarn and some stitching

We have had a wet cool spring and the tulips are loving it. I have taken a bunch of tulip pictures, they make me happy. I'll share just a few of them.

The resident feral cat that we have not been able to catch and have neutered, just had four kittens. Last year we adopted the two that she had, this year we will be looking for homes. They are almost a week old. Mama had stepped away from them to eat so I snapped a quick picture.

Five years ago on my birthday my wonderful husband surprised me with a huge pile of yarn. I had just been knitting for about a year and the yarn shop where I learned was going out of business. He knew that I was able to get a pair of socks out of one skein of yarn, so he went around the store and picked up about fifteen different skeins. I'm on the last skein of sock yarn, but have several skeins of worsted weight yarn left. None are the same, but I've pulled out the variegated ones. I did this because a pattern for a cardigan sweater caught my eye and I have enough yarn in stock to make it. It will definitely be one of a kind. This is the yarn selection.

I do plan on finishing the pair of socks and the top down seamless pullover sweater I'm currently knitting before I start on this one, but I'm ready!

I was able to spend some time with my very creative friends Lisa Flowers Ross and Kathleen Probst last Friday and to my surprise they both wrote really nice blog posts about my weekly and daily projects. I, on the other hand took only one picture and it was of the tree that was in full white bloom outside Kathleen's studio window and it was snowing.

Weekly stitching
Signs of Life: the five universal shapes

The current group of five will include appliqué along with stitching, all five will be on one piece of grey fabric. The shapes will be appliquéd using rust dyed fabric.

Week #16

This group is going to be much less time consuming than the last one - no french knots!

2017 Daily stitching, days#103-110

I worked on the background this week.

I'll be linking up to "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching"


  1. What a nice present from your husband! And I love watching your weekly and daily stitching. Happy spring!

  2. Cool newbies! So colorful and textural!

  3. Perfect for Earth Day when I'm reading this blog. Luscious tulips!

  4. Love the tulips. We do not have them blooming here yet. But our trees are starting to bud. Your needlework is so impressive. I love the designs and colors

  5. Can't wait to see what you creative with that yummy pile of wool!