Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Stitching

The deadline for this years SAQA Auction piece is about a month away and I've finally made a decision about what to make this year. I've had a piece that I started last November to demonstrate how my Embellisher worked needle felting fabric to fabric. I used some of the leftover sari silk ribbon from a previous daily project, wove it together and then needle felted it to some raw silk.

It's the right size (12"x12"), so now I'm adding stitches to it.

Weekly Stitching updates
Signs of Life: The five universal shapes Week #17

In my thread stash there were two skeins of Cosmo Seasons variegated floss that are working perfectly for the background.
The lighter one will be used on the square, triangle and spiral. The darker one on the circle and cross. I'm just hoping there's enough of the lighter one. I bought these when I was traveling and have not been able to find any locally. I usually don't use floss, I tend to prefer pearl cotton, but these were just the right colors.

2017 daily Stitching days #111 -116

The part that I have completely stitched is 10 " wide x about 6", more than half of the 10"x10" piece.
I'm finding that I'm spending more time stitching on this than I did doing two daily 4" squares. With the squares I had a daily starting and stopping point, I did the square and was done. With this I just start and keep going until I don't feel like stitching anymore.

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  1. It's ridiculous how happy I feel seeing these stitches! I just love that blue line of french knots :)