Monday, February 15, 2016


After what seemed like weeks of grey clouds, fog and just plain yucky skies we have had some sunshine! Superbowl Sunday was one of those beautiful blue sky days, so I took advantage of it and did some SolarFast printing. There was still snow on the bench, but it worked just fine. The leaves I used were from my pile of pressed ones.

I did four prints altogether, it's always good to have extra prints, they will show up later.

The Weekly Leaf #7
I used the green print in the lower left, avocado SolarFast on a hand dyed light green.
After stitching.

The color is correct on the full picture, but the camera refused to do that for the close ups.

Daily Stitching updates.

Each year I do a heart on my daily stitching on February 14.  There is no heart shaped gelli plate, so I cut out a heart from a 3 inch square and after I put the red paint on the gelli, I placed the open heart over the gelli plate.

Of course I had to do several  more prints while I had everything out.

Gelli Prints #40-#46

Sari Ribbon #333-#339


  1. Gorgeous sun prints and I love your hand stitching.

  2. Again, I am amazed by how your leaves transform. And, of course, I love your hand stitching!

  3. Oh my gosh! I love the shape of that oak leaf! And your stitching on the gelli prints is really cool!

  4. Always love to see your leaf offerings. i never tire of observing leaves and the painting of them. I admire your disciplined curiosity !