Monday, January 19, 2015


I've been finishing up some projects this week. Line Dance has it's backing, has been quilted, has a sleeve and even a label, but no official photo yet. I was just very proud of getting the sleeve and label on, I tend to put those two things off, sometimes forever.

I also finished a sweater I had been knitting, I wore it today when I got together with friends, but alas no picture. There may never be a picture, the sweater came out great but is not very flattering on me. It would probably be perfect for someone much younger, it has a neckline thats tends to slide off the shoulder — not my style at all.

I've also finished the eight remaining 'Voids', well the stitching is done but I haven't gotten them wrapped around the canvases yet. I did put them up on the design wall for a quick picture.

The Weekly Leaf year #2

This week I pulled out just my leaf stencils.
Decided on the Eucalyptus stencil on top.

I used the leaf on the bottom left. I love the larger one on top but it is too big for my six inch square. The stencil is from Diane Ericsson.
I used a paintstik and applied the color.

Then added stitching.
The Weekly leaf #3, year 2

Daily Stitching updates

Silk Fragments #13-#19

The Daily Paper #306-#312

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  1. Hi Linda,
    All looks good. Necklines like you describe can be saved with a matching or contrast strap, or an insert into the V shape on the edges of the neck.

  2. It's so inspiring to see all the different ways you use your stitches.

  3. Really a wonderful and exciting variety of small art pieces... so appreciate your sticking to the project commitments. Have yet to tackle a weekly, daily or monthly project...

    1. Thanks. You really should give it a try, it's addicting.