Friday, July 18, 2014

Monthly stitching project

The first three months of the year I did a monthly stitching project I called "Mom and Me, using some of my Mom's hand embroidered and crochet pieces. I stopped after three months because I pretty much lost interest. I'm glad I did them but I've decided that I really don't need to continue. In April I started a new monthly stitching project that I'm enjoying. I plan on doing at least sixteen of these. Each one is either black linen with white stitching or white linen with black stitching and has an off center circle. I'm very enamored with the work of Andy Goldsworthy, particularly his void series. These are my version, there are no stitches in the circle, it's just a void.




These are each 8"x8", wrapped around a 1 1/2" canvas. I will do 8 different patterns and then do the reverse of each one so that I will end up with 8 pairs.

Daily Stitching updates

Line Dance #195-#199

The Daily Paper #123-#127

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  1. Oh very wonderful! Love the new monthly stitching.
    Do you use a hoop to keep away puckers?

  2. Love the start of the black and white circles. I love Andy Goldsworthy, too.

  3. you are just so artistic
    LeeAnna Paylor

  4. Your embroidery work is very interesting, as is Andy Goldsworthy's work.

  5. Great idea and results using a circle theme!

  6. Love your new circle series! A good excuse to do more French knots.