Sunday, July 13, 2014

Discharge play day

I hosted another play day on Friday, this time we did discharge and some thermofax screening. Because of the fumes from bleach and discharge agents we started outside relatively early in the day to miss the triple digit temperatures. Then after a very yummy lunch (we all make something to share), we turned on the air conditioner in Studio B and played with thermofax screens.

Discharge pieces flash drying in the hot sun.
The group showing off something they did.
Lisa, Julie, Barbara, Thea and Sue.
I had challenged them to make something out of the fabric that they had painted the last time we were together and everyone stepped up to the challenge and brought back some wonderful things. Guess who forgot to take pictures of what they did?

The Weekly Leaf

This week in preparation for Friday's play day I used some Jacquard discharge paste and two thermofax screens on a piece of green hand dyed fabric.

Week #28

Daily stitching updates.

Line Dance #188 - #194

The Daily Paper #116- #122

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  1. How funny.....our Fiber Junkies group is also doing discharging this coming Friday. I only hope our results are half as good as your group!

  2. The discharge results look great! Loving your leaf, as usual.