Sunday, October 28, 2012

Daily Stitching

My daily stitching project has become a very welcome part of my life. I'm really enjoying sitting down everyday to spend a bit of time doing some hand stitching, it's almost like a daily meditation. I spend anywhere from five minutes to an hour doing each one. I start with a four inch square of fabric that I've previously printed in black. All of my stitching is done with pearl cotton in black, I use three different sizes, #5, #8 and #12. Here's a look at my basic supplies.
Many of the squares were cut out of a large piece of fabric that I had mono-printed. The piece didn't come out as I had intended, but cut up each square is slightly different and works perfectly for some hand stitching.
Some of the squares were printed just for this project, but many of them were left over samples I printed from new screens, stamps or found objects. The squares are a variety of fabrics, most of them are cotton, either muslin or a white dyers cloth. There are also linen, rayon, cotton damask and some polyester. The next photo shows pieces cut from polyester that I had printed almost twenty years ago. It is a very thin, flimsy fabric.
This close up shows some damask,muslin and white dyers cloth.
I back each piece with white flannel for two reasons; it gives some definition to the stitches and it adds coverage and stability to the thinner fabrics. I don't use a hoop while stitching. I keep my flannel and thread in a basket, unless I'm traveling and then everything gets tossed into a plastic ziplock bag.
Each piece is numbered when I finish it. I started on my birthday and will finish the day before my next one. This is how the back looks.
#225 - #228
Sewn together in rows of 19 blocks each, there are twelve rows completed.
This is the start of today's square, it's a linen and hemp blend fabric cut from a failed mono- print, stitching with #8 thread.
On another note; the autumn inspired piece has changed appearances again and will probably continue morphing since none of it is sewn yet.


  1. Oh, this is cool. I like the graphic quality of the black and makes the whole piece work together even though it is made of disperate parts.

    I think I might try some sort of daily thing next year. But I need to make it very quick. Some days I don't start very early due to my health, so if I am working on a deadline, I would need the flexibility of something I could do and be finished with so I could get on to actual work.
    I am inspired by the way you limited the choice to certain type of fabric and only black thread. I think that is what would hold me up - decisions - if I did something like Karen. Food for thought.

    1. Thanks Sandy. I find that having limits makes it much easier to do, keeps it contained in a small package and makes it very portable. When I did my "Sixty five days to 65" project I had some limits, but I still had to make several choices everyday and it was real easy to get very caught up in it, in fact it felt like it was taking over my studio.

  2. Thanks for sharing all that info about your daily art, I often wondered where the black ink lines came from. Very interesting and I love the way they look all together.