Friday, November 9, 2012

New quilt

Last Friday morning as I was getting ready to leave town for the weekend I took the following picture of Studio A, my sewing studio.
When I went in to the studio Monday morning it looked the same, almost as if the cat had slept there the whole time. I know he didn't because he had spent the night curled up next to my back. On the walls were two of my works in progress, the hexagons which haven't changed at all, and parts for a mystery quilt designed by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr that had been in the AQS newsletter. I don't normally follow patterns, but made an exception just because I needed to do something to get back into a creative mode. I finished the top this week and will get it layered and quilted soon because I'm donating it to a local fundraiser. That makes 25 quilts I've made and donated this year.
Daily stitching #229 - #234
#235 -#241
p.s.I've linked this post to Off The Wall Fridays . Go check out some other great projects.


  1. ohhh this is great!! I love your daily stitching project and I have a black studio cat too!! I want to invite you to link up on Off the Wall fridays - where art quilters and such - are connecting each week. We've found it very encouraging and motivating!

  2. Love the work you are doing here. I look forward to seeing more.
    (Found you via Off the Wall Friday!)

  3. Wow! 25 quilts. I can't even imagine that. You are one busy lady. I love the idea of daily stitching. I do that, but on different projects which disappear into shops and with other people. The idea to stitch on a bit of fabric and just keep it is such a wonderful idea!

    1. Thanks Marit. Most of the 25 quilts were small(40' x40') baby quilts and were for Project Linus, a local children's cancer center and a local relief nursery.

  4. Like Marit, I cannot imagine 25 quilts- good for you. And I love the rusts and turquoises in the quilt on your design wall.