Monday, July 30, 2012

Art, lunch and a big piece finished

I've had a tough time sitting down to write a blog post, I've thought about it several times, even composed a few in my head, but for some reason I just avoid actually sitting down and writing. I do the same thing whenever I need to write something, so it must be something I need to work on. Last week my friend Barb and I went to Boise to meet with our friends Kathleen and Lisa for some art and lunch. We started at the Boise Art Museum to see the Nick Cave exhibit. WOW! This is a man who thinks way outside the box. He is a former dancer and most of the items on exhibit were suits, sound suits and hair suits, which are made to wear while dancing. We saw a video of many of them in action. Most items were made from recycled materials except for the hair suits which were made from human hair extensions. There were also three huge bears made entirely of recycled sweaters. Photography is not allowed in the exhibit area and I don't think I can adequately describe what he's done and of course I don't have a link for you to look it up. If you do google Nick Cave, he's not the musician. Lisa works part time at the museum and was part of the crew that put the exhibit up, so we got some interesting tidbits about the whole process. All I can say is I will never look at sweaters, crocheted doilies, and sequins in the same way again. After our museum visit we walked downtown for lunch and then to check out some art. Kathleen has two pieces in a juried show at the Art Source gallery.
Lisa has designed art work for one of the traffic boxes.
Her work is on the traffic box next to the Museum - what a great location. I also finished doing a lot of hand stitching on a quilt made of mono-print circles that were cut and reassembled. I'm not sure where I'm going to enter it yet so here is a close up shot.
I also made a baby quilt and stuffed animal for a baby shower, didn't take pictures. Also made another small quilt using up some scraps, it will be a donation quilt. Daily stitching project #131 thru #137.


  1. Wow, you've been busy. I like the hand stitching that you're doing on your quilt.