Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bowling shirts with "splat"

My husband decided that the bowling team that he and some friends are forming for the fall season needed shirts with "splat" on them. I designed a logo for them, they brought me the shirts and today they were printed. I drew the design, copied it in two different sizes and made two thermofax screens to print with.
The small logo went on the front pocket and the large on the back.
The shirts lined up with the fronts printed. Good thing I have a large table to spread things out on. After the fronts dried (and I went to the pool to cool off), the shirts were flipped over and printed on the back.
Daily stitching project #125 thru #130.


  1. These are so much fun. You certainly got your money's worth from that splat calculator that inspired these designs, first that great quilt and now the shirts. What next?

    1. You just never know where splat may turn up!