Thursday, August 9, 2012

How did I get so busy?

My life is generally very low key without a lot of extra things going on, but this past week has been a bit different. Here's a few of the things I've done. Went to a Quilt show in Kuna, ID, the theme was barns.
Took 9 quilts to Crafters Warehouse in Meridian,ID. They are collecting them for St.Lukes Children's Cancer Center.
Spent a day with several others sewing book bags for the first grade beginning readers. A friend that is going thru chemotherapy treatments has done this on her own for several years. She asked for help and about twelve of us spent the day in her basement sewing up the bags, we did about 500 bags - enough for five years. After sewing I drove to Cambridge,ID to pick up the quilts and photos that I had taken up a week ago to the county fair. My "Sixty five days to 65" quilt not only got a blue ribbon, but also a special award.
My two favorite photos each received blue ribbons.
I've been working in Studio B on a special project that also requires me to write, so this blog post is my writing warm up for the day. Splat has resurfaced in Studio B.
Today we were supposed to take a drive with friends that included a stop in Garden Valley,ID, Ponderosa State park for a picnic lunch and McCall, ID. Unfortunately there is a wild fire in the area and the road we were going to take has been closed. We have had several wildfires around us, the sky has been very smoky making for some very red sunrises and sunsets. This was taken from my back yard at sunset a few days ago.
Tomorrow I'll be teaching a Fantasy Garden class in Studio B, so I have to switch gears and get it ready for sewing machines. I'll try to remember to take some pictures. Last but not least, my daily stitching is still on track. Here are #138 - #148.


  1. You certainly are busy. What a great achievement, making all those school bags and charity quilts. I love your "65 days to 65" quilt and am not surprised it won a blue ribbon. Congrats.
    I always enjoy your picture of the day. Nice to see some of those recognized, too.

  2. Wow. You have been busy. That will make your upcoming vacation even more relaxing.

  3. Holy cow! You have so much going on. Way to go with all the ribbons! 65 rocks and I love the tree.

    Your contribution of 9 quilts is quite wonderful. I am sure the 9 kiddos will love them.

    Yay for the return of splat! Have fun teaching your class.

  4. You've been busy!! That's great that you've made so many donation quilts. I'm sure they will be comforting. The book bag project sounds like a lot of fun, especially with all of you pulling together to create them. Nice sky photo!