Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A couple more pieces finished

I just came back from the post office where I mailed my SAQA auction piece. I'm done way ahead of time, the auction is not till much later in the year. The piece I made is another one of my black and white circle pieces. This one is white lutrador that has been etched with a heat tool, then fused to black silk. The piece was then stitched by hand with black pearl cotton. There is also a companion piece in the works to go with this(maybe next years donation?). The companion is the negative image of this one, white lutrador with a black silk circle.

A couple of weeks ago I also mailed off a small (8X8) piece for SAQA's "This is a Quilt" trunk show. It was also a white circle on black, bit the circle was screen printed with white sand on black silk noil. Also hand stitched with black pearl cotton. I forgot to take a picture before I mailed it.

I also finished another small quilt (15 x 18). This one is some fabric I rusted, stitched the background by hand and then beaded it. I actually did most of the work last summer, it just needed a few more beads and the binding.

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