Monday, February 21, 2011

"18 Moons" finished

Yesterday I finished stitching my indigo moons piece. It's all stitched by hand with pearl cotton, the blue thread is also indigo dyed.

I plan on entering this in a show called Deep Spaces, which requires a size of 18 x 45 in a vertical orientation. I usually don't care to work to a specific size and theme, but this one worked out well. I've also got another piece dyed with some stitched resist patterning that I'm also considering trying to finish to enter in the same show.


  1. Thank you, and to think I used to only use my machine!

  2. I love this piece, so glad to see it finished. Thanks for the link about the show, I might try to come up with something for it. I like the size restriction, 18x45 is an interesting size to work with--and I tend to dye a lot of pieces that are 18" wide because it's a half-yard and easy to shibori. Gotta get busy!