Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bricks and rusted fabric

Slowly the bricks are going down, but progress is being made. Some of them will have ground cover planted in them , others will get bark(I think).

A few days ago I cleaned my coffee pot with vinegar and didn't want to "waste" the used vinegar so I soaked some strips of rayon in it. Then the rayon got wrapped around some of my rusty stuff. The water that was put thru the coffee pot to get rid of the vinegar was used to make a really strong tea. After the fabric rusted for a day I poured the strong tea over parts of it to get a grey color mixed with the rust. The tannin in the tea reacts with the iron in the rust and creates a grey color. The results are below.


  1. Love the brickwork...and those fabrics are incredible. Your post reminded me of a time years ago when I dyed fabric because I had just boiled beets and didn't want to waste the colorful water! :-)

  2. I did the beet thing years ago too, very disappointing results.