Monday, July 25, 2016


I have been working on a project featuring my hands for over a year now and have finally finished. I traced my hands on to vintage linens and then filled the outline in with hand embroidery, working around the color wheel. The primary and secondary colors are done on the left hand and the tertiary colors are on the right hand. They were then stitched onto a background of black linen in a circular color wheel format.
The Makers Hands
56" x 57"

Here are each of the individual hands, each is 8" x 10".

Now that I've finished it I'm not even sure I like it. I originally had thought about entering it in a big show or two, but now that feels like a waste of money. Maybe if I step back away from it for a while I'll feel better about it.

The Weekly Leaf

This week I used the flat unmarked part of a styrofoam takeout box. The leaf was lightly traced with a  sharp pencil, leaf removed and then I went over the tracing with more pressure and a duller pencil.

Jacquard textile paint in burnt sienna was rolled onto the plate with a brayer.

The plate was then placed face down over the fabric with pressure applied.

Week #30

Daily stitching updates

Gelli prints #201-207

Shades of orange #128-134

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  1. What a terrific sampler! That's an original way to interpret the color wheel.

    I can imagine the hands as pages of a book with back attached to front (so that it is circular and continuous).

  2. I like the hands very much! Perhaps, though, the background needs some hands as well. Not as intensely embroidered, and perhaps in lighter colours so they look like ghost prints? OR even light ones inside and darker ones outside the circle. continuing with the colour wheel idea so being tones and shades. But in my head, they might like to be a bit more randomly placed.
    PS I am sure you would like all that extra work! ;-)

  3. I loved the hand stitching that you did on your hands. I clicked to get a bigger view and enjoyed seeing all your work. I liked Sandy's idea, too.

  4. Your stitching on the individual hands is beautifully done. I think the black center shape is overpowering the hands. After stepping away from if for awhile, i'm sure you will come up with something.

  5. Love your hand pieces!!! I think once you step away you will like it again!! They are great pieces and the hand stitching is wonderful!

  6. I love your hands. I'm not sure the sequence but it seems like as you went along you were able to explore more ideas and perhaps get more complex and interesting designs? Perhaps they need something around them or in the center to unify them or give some context or meaning? Not suggesting this but examples of my thinking: helping hands, joining hands, hands around the world?
    At any rate they are beautiful and the right thing will come to you.

  7. I too like your piece with the hands -- and the close-up photos show what a labour of love it is. Letting something 'percolate' for a while is a good idea, it will begin to 'speak' if it needs something more. Just give it time!