Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Daily Stitching done and new work started

Silk Fragments
11-1-2015 to 12-31-2015

Silk fragments is all sewn together, backing on,quilted, faced, sleeve on and labeled! I bet you can guess how I spent the New Year. Here are a few closeups.

I've also started a new daily stitching project for the new year. This time I'm using my new mini gelli plates that I requested for Christmas.
I was so excited I forgot to take a picture before I ripped them both open. I'll be printing on white fabric in a variety of colors. These are my first group of prints.
I have a pile of different white fabrics that I will be using, both silk and cotton. Here's the next group to be printed, they are cut and have flannel fused to the backs so they will be ready for stitching after they are printed.

And here are the first four, printed and stitched.

Sari Ribbon #291-#297

The new Weekly Leaf

This year I will be using autumn colored fabrics and instead of finishing each block like I have for the past two years, this year I'm fusing it to a square of felt. I have four colors of felt, I may add or make a few substitutions as I go. But the ones I have are cut and ready to go.

The leaf was stenciled onto gold hand dyed fabric with paint stiks.
Then stitched.
Week #1, year #3

I also finished knitting this winters pair of socks.


  1. You are off to a fabulous start of the new year. I love how the silk fragments came together. The colors and stitching are wonderful. Did you stitch it in the ditch?

  2. Silk Fragments is simply stunning……what a treasure to be able to explore each of the pieces individually, yet enjoy the overall piece. Well done!
    Love, love your upcoming projects…..makes me feel like I’m simply tweedling my thumbs around here….off to visit the grandkids later this week….but will hit it hard when I return.

  3. Love seeing the old finished and the new started!
    It would be interesting to know about how much time you use each day for stitching...or don't you really want to know? (I think if I really knew how long my things were taking, I would begin doubting the practicality!)

  4. A lovely productive start and so good to see the silk fragments all together

  5. That's it. You have convinced me to add the mini gellis to my surface design tools this year. Every project you take on gets me revved up. I can't wait for each new week to see where your stitches, leaves and now prints will take you.

  6. whoa! LOVE Silk Fragments! Great texture and detail
    Love to see your stitches as always!!!!

  7. The quilt is wonderful and your new yearly project using geli plate is wonderful! Our sunprint date has been delayed until Feb.2nd but I still have until the end of the month since I'm only doing one square a month! HA Love, love your work!!!!