Monday, April 23, 2012

Another birthday gift!

On Saturday my friend Judi from Reno was driving thru Weiser and took the opportunity to stop and visit. We had a very short but delightful visit. Judi brought along a gift for me from our friend Gayle, a crocheted Lotus Mandala Prayer flag, in daffodil and sky colors. I've hung it in my studio window.

You might also notice that there's a quilt getting quilted in the picture above. I'm about half way thru after a rough start. I was going to use a variegated thread, but it broke about every three inches. I tried a different brand and type of thread and had the same problem. So I ended up using a solid color poly thread that's working just fine, just not what I had planned.

Here are #37 - #41 of my daily project.

A few pictures of the tree on the front corner of our yard in full bloom.


  1. Wow, what kind of tree is that?

    1. We don't know, it also gets a small berry like fruit that stays on the tree until mid winter and the birds love them.

  2. The tree is beautiful! I'm glad there is a sunny window for your prayer flags. :)

  3. It looks like a crab apple to me, but they don't get berries. It sure is gorgeous!