Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm taking a Mastery class from Jane Dunnewold and am working on fabrics for the 4th session (out of 5). The fabric pictured in the header above is one that I've recently finished. It's silk organza that I've dyed using squeeze bottles and screens. I'm trying for a looser, more spontaneous look for my art cloth, and I think I'm finally getting there.

The yellow,orange red cotton fabric above was done the same way. I entered this piece in the fabric competition at QSDS this year. It was the third place winner and it also sold. The new owner of the piece is going to turn it into a whole cloth quilt.

I realize I've been a bad blogger so far, since it's taken me two weeks to do my second post, but I promise to post more frequently.

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  1. You go Girl! I just started blogging too. I'm thinking I may just have to put a section in links for bloggers on the TMQ website.