Thursday, July 25, 2019

A glitch in our normal lives

My husband has been dealing with some health issues recently, we've been through one surgery and have another coming up that is yet to be scheduled. Since it is a problem that can't be handled at our local hospital, or with a local doctor we've been spending time driving to Boise and back. I'm trying to keep up with posting but if I'm missing for a week or two, that will be the reason. His prognosis is good, it's just all the Dr. visits and surgeries are time consuming, so we'll get through it.

I did a quilt top early this week that when finished will be a donation quilt. The aqua sashing is really quite light and bright, but looks grayed in photos.

2019 Weekly leaf #30
SolarFast on a woven silk stipe.

2019 Daily Stitching#3

days 22-28

SAQA 100 Days of Creativity days
Days 19-25

I'll be linking up with "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching"


  1. I’m sorry to hear about your husband……we too have learned our golden years are not always golden…..but we remain positive as I know you always are too.

  2. Me, too. Sorry to hear about your hubby and hope that all turns out OK.
    Love your stitching, as always. Are you drawing those concentric circles or is your eye just so good that you don't need it?

  3. All the best to you and your DH for the weeks ahead; hoping all is well soon! Your hand-stitch, so lovely, likely will keep you steady through the long waits in doctor's offices etc.

  4. Hi Linda, good luck with your husband`s health and the travelling. Hopefully you can keep doing some hand-work while waiting for appointments etc. That always helps keep me sane. All the best.