Thursday, March 7, 2019

Dying with Avocado Pits

I recently read an article about dying with avocado pits, so I saved a few, put them in a pot, covered them with water and let them boil for a couple of hours. Then I poured the liquid in to a pan and added some scraps of silk and cotton and let them soak overnight. The lighter ones in the picture below are from the first soak. A few days later I put some threads into the liquid and let them soak overnight and they came out darker. The liquid is evaporating and getting stronger, a couple of the fabrics were put in for another overnight soak, those are the darker ones in the photo. The light pieces are actually a bit darker that what the photo shows.

The liquid has been sitting for a few more days getting darker, so now there are a couple more pieces of fabric soaking away.
I have no idea how light fast these are or if they are washable, but it's been fun and I may end up putting a few of them together and adding some stitches with the coordinating threads.

2019 Weekly Leaf #10
This one is Solarfast on vintage silk taffeta

2019 Daily Stitching days 60-66

72 Days of Landscapes days 60-66, only six more to go!

Day #60
watercolor crayons and hand dyed fabric

Day #61
hand dyed fabric, stamp

Day #62
Watercolor crayons, hand dyed fabric and vintage silk

Day #63
Hand dyed fabric, discharged fabric and cheesecloth

Day #64
Watercolor crayons and hand stitching

Day #65
Hand dyed fabric and hand stitching
This one is for Norma, who is enjoying Florida this winter.

Day #66
hand dyed fabrics and commercial fabrics

I'll be linking up with "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching".


  1. I do look forward to your weekly updates…..always so inspiring….thank you for taking the time to document and share your work!

  2. Love the palm trees, of course.
    I had such poor results with natural dyeing. Sometimes I would get a decent color but it would all wash out. Your avacadoes are a pretty shade. Let us know if it is stable.

  3. J'aime beaucoup votre série Paysages et cela m'a même donner envie d'essayer!

    1. Do give it a try, I'm really having fun with it.

  4. Day 64 was my favourite... so calm and peaceful!
    The avocado experiment sounds like so much fun!
    Your photos are a feast for the eyes!
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you Kathy and thanks for the opportunity to link up.

  5. Love the cheesecloth clouds and the stamped trees. Your posts are always inspiring!

    1. Thank you, I was trying for wispy clouds and cheesecloth was the closest I could find.

  6. Love the leaf piece so much and oh those dyed pieces are lovely. You always inspire.