Thursday, March 28, 2019

2019 Daily Stitching #1 done

This morning I finished my first daily stitching piece for the year.
2019 Daily Stitching #1
87 days

My internet friend Norma has started stitching circles on a white jeans jacket, you need to go check it out here. I can't wait to see how hers turns out.

I have the felt backing fused to another napkin and I'm ready to start another tomorrow. I still don't know what color or colors I'll be using or what I will be stitching. I do know that I will start with the big outline circle, it's actually woven into the fabric so it's a good way to start, but I doubt if I will fill the circle with circles - it's time to move on. I have some vague ideas, but I'll just wait and see what develops when I sit down to stitch.

I did finish the stitching and the sleeve on my upcycle piece, still have to do the photography and get it entered. I've been waiting for a bright day in hopes that I won't get a glare from the shiny paper pieces.

2019 Weekly leaf #13
I bought a new stencil and had to try it out.

I'll be linking up with "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching".


  1. I am head over heels for your finished circle project. If mine turns out half as good I will be happy. 🧵

  2. I just LOVE the way your circle stitching piece turned out. And to think I had serious doubts in the beginning . . . ;-) Your friend's white denim jacket should be stunning when she's done.

  3. I love the circle stitching, particularly the way it is contained within the larger circle- it feels like a porthole drawing you in and then so many different things to look at once you get closer!

  4. Oh my, your circle filled with all the beautiful blue stitching is a triumph. It truly looks spectacular!

  5. Love the border treatment. Reminds of the ancient Greek chitons we made in 4th grade using sheets and printing our own signature design from stamps we created. The border finishes the piece and allows the eye to focus on all the vast array of overlapping circles.

    1. Thanks, the border pattern is actually the pattern woven into the napkin, I just followed that part, then made up the rest.

  6. Wonderful stitching as always. Love the variety in your blue and white piece!