Thursday, October 11, 2018

Miscellaneous items

I thought I would start off my post with a few of the miscellaneous items that are happening around here. We have had two rainy days in the past week, the first real rain since last spring and now frost is a big possibility for tonight. So my zinnias and other plants are looking good right now, but who knows what they may look like tomorrow.

The scarlet climber that was planted last spring is doing really well but the red trumpet shaped flowers that are supposed to attract hummingbirds haven't shown up yet and the hummingbirds have been gone for a month.

The red flowers that are at the base of the plant are from other plants that the vines have covered up. The second reason I plant this is because of the leaves, well maybe that's the first reason. I love the leaves.

Yesterday I delivered a few quilts to a local museum for the annual quilt show coming up this weekend. I took the scenic route home and had to stop in the middle of the road when I came across this.
There were flowers coming out of this all over it. I do a calendar every year for family and this will be the October picture.

Most nights I have a cup of Sweet Dreams herbal tea before bedtime. There are rose hips and hibiscus in the tea and the bag gets a pinkish color to it and I love the color of the stains it makes. So I've been keeping a piece of an old linen tablecloth folded on the end table to put the bag on and I think it might be ready for some stitches.
I don't know how light fast the color is and I also know that if I were to wash it the pink turns grey.

The last miscellaneous item is a before and after picture of my drafting table. The before picture was taken last spring and the table had actually gotten quite a bit more cluttered.

It now looks like this, I sure would like to keep it this way because it can actually be used for its intended purpose instead of being a dumping ground.
The small pieces of wood on the bottom left are going to have quilt block patterns painted on them and will be sold at the Art Guilds annual Art and Craft Show in November. All the members were given a few to paint.

2018 Weekly Leaf Week #41

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  1. Aah....Jack Frost....he destroys everything doesn't he. Love Zinnias! I love their bright happy faces. I have a serious case of the wanties re that fabulous car with flowers spilling out of it. I have just the spot in my garden. How clever your cloth looks from the tea bags and your latest leaf is lovely.

    1. Thank you. The car was just stunning and it was parked along side the road in front of an old unused looking garage. Someone spent a lot of time getting all the flowers in and around that car.

  2. I love zinnias, but have no place to plant them at this house. Yours are so pretty.
    The car is amazing. It will make a great calendar page.
    We might get a frost this weekend, but I still have so much gardening to do.
    Your tea cloth is gorgeous! Too bad that there's not a way to preserve it. I had such failures with natural dyeing. Most colors washed out.

    1. Thanks Norma, I have much to do with my gardens also, and so far this morning it's only 33 degrees, but this weekend is suppose to be cooler.

  3. I must plant zinnias next spring!

  4. Your zinnias are gorgeous! I can't believe how pretty that car is with all the flower coming out of it! Makes me want to do that. I find it funny that when we want "stains" to stay in a fabric, like the beautiful tea bag colors on yours, they won't but unintentional stains tend to stay forever. I wonder if there is a way to "set" the color??

    1. I agree about the stains, unfortunately there are some beautiful natural ones that aren't permenant.