Thursday, November 16, 2017

A herringbone quilt top

While we were in NY I watched several videos on facebook that were from Quilt Market in Houston, one of them was Victoria Findley Wolfe demonstrating how she does a herringbone quilt. I loved the effect and over the weekend I pulled out a bunch of multi colored hand dyed fabrics and started cutting them up. On Monday I finished up the top, it's about 52" x 60"I just sewed until I ran out of cut strips.

I'm happy with it and I think I'll even keep it for myself, but with a very busy week or two coming up it will have to wait to be quilted.

Also finished the stitching and mounted the discharged wet cyanotype leaf.

Weekly Stitching
Signs of Life: The five universal shapes
Week #46

Two shapes done, the yellow in rows of chain stitch and the red in rows of blanket stitch.

2017 Daily Stitching #2
Days #157-162    Filling in the background and I'm working slowly trying to stretch it out till the end of the year(it's not going to happen).

I'll be linking up to "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching"


  1. That herringbone quilt is fabulous! Is the video still available. I would love to do this.

  2. The circle made with the blanket stitches is brilliant and innovative! I love seeing your projects each inspiring!

  3. Beautiful herringbone quilt!
    Love the red circular blanket stitch!

  4. I love the colours in your herringbone quilt. PS Happy 30th wedding anniversary!

  5. The fabrics in the herringbone quilt are delightful. Just so pretty. . . I really like the light grey checkerboard background in your embroidery.

  6. Wow, I am amazed that you sewed that intricate looking quilt top so quickly. I don't think I could do that. It is very pretty.

  7. Herringbone quilts are so effective, like log cabins. It's lovely to have a variety of projects to swap to.