Monday, November 14, 2016

Back to sewing

This week I started going thru my pile of stalled projects, started cutting up one, decided to quilt another and added a piece to a third one. The third one is actually a long piece of cotton duck fabric that was dipped in indigo. Cut about 20inches off one end and added a pale moon.

Next step will be to quilt it, my plan is to keep it very simple and serene. The finished size will be about 20"H x 48"W, so far it even has a title "Pale Moon Rising".

The second one is black and white squares that were meant for something else that didn't work. I had pieced them together earlier this year and then never did anything else with them. This one is about 40"H x 20"W and doesn't have a name.

The white part has been quilted.

The one that I started to cut up has gone back into the pile.

SAQA has a trunk show every year and the deadline is Nov. 30, so I made a piece for it while I was doing this weeks leaf. I had picked up some ginkgo leaves while walking and put them to work. I used my usual 6"x6"gelli plate for the weekly and my larger 10"x8" plate for the trunk show piece.

SAQA trunk show
Ginko Leaves
Week #46

Daily Stitching updates

Gelli Prints #313-#319

Shades of Orange #240-246

Later in the week I'll be linking up with "Off theWall Friday" and Slow Sunday Stitching"


  1. Impressive. I particularly like the ginkgo leaves. And I like the phrase "stalled projects".

  2. All your work is so interesting! I love the indigo dipped landscape and the gingko leaves. It is all good!

  3. That dipped-indigo landscape is wonderful; wondering of course how you got that moon in after-the-fact...

  4. I love the indigo piece. Wow!! And lovely stitching on your other pieces.