Monday, August 22, 2016

Starting something new

The SAQA call for entries for the Layered Voices show has been out for quite awhile, in fact entries are due next month. I got this strong feeling that I needed to do some more work on the print table cover that I retired a few months ago.  I wrote all over it with black dynaflow paint, anything that came to mind about layers and voices. I found some new fine tip squeeze bottles that work wonderfully.

There's a wire in the cap that keeps the nozzle from clogging. The writing is readable in some areas but not in others.

Then I scraped thickened golden yellow dye all over the piece.
Unfortunately it didn't stay that vibrant because the cloth is a heavyweight muslin that just doesn't come out that bright. The whole piece is 108" x 78" and right now it's a hot mess.
I'll be studying it a bit to see what part or parts I will actually use, I really have no plan I'm just doing whatever feels right at the moment. But there will be both machine and hand stitching involved, maybe more printing. I have no idea right now. I may also end up scrapping the whole thing.

My few days up at McCall were wonderful, I even got to try stand up paddle boarding, it is fun!

The Weekly Leaf
This week I used a leaf shape that I had cut from black paper, notan style. I've been playing with rectangles and leaf shapes. I used the left hand one, photocopied it on to a transparency and used it with SolarFast.
Out in the sun.
The print before stitching.

Week #34

Daily Stitching updates

Gelli prints #229-235

Shades of orange #156-162

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  1. The black/white leaf is stunning…..particularily in black/white….maybe with my eye problems……the high contrast is what appeals to me these days!

  2. Thank you for introducing me to the technique of Notan. I discovered a bunch of tutorials. I have had an idea percolating for a while to create an OpArt black and white quilt. This may just give me the nudge I need to proceed.

    What fascinated me about how used the Notan leaf was the high contrast, to low contrast after the sun printing and how you brought up the contrast with your stitching. Thank you for sharing the progression.

  3. I also like the Notan technique. Love your written cloth! Thanks for the bottle tip :)

    1. Thanks and you are welcome, the bottles are great.

  4. Love how you enhance the design with your stitches!

  5. Really interesting and new to me - thank you for sharing

  6. Such lovely stitching projects! I really enjoyed reading about your experiment and how you are just going with the flow and will maybe use all/part or none of it :) It's definitely not a hot mess... it's fascinating!

  7. Where did you find the fine tip bottles?