Monday, August 1, 2016

Hands update and warm socks

Thank you to everyone that commented on my hands last week. My problem with it is the big black hole in the center, it has already been stitched with size 5 pearl cotton in a horizontal running stitch. I'm not about to take it out.

 The rest of the background is the same stitch only running vertical. Currently I'm entertaining some options; hands cut out of dyed organza, stenciling over the stitching or adding more stitching. I'm leaning toward the stenciling, using paintstiks so that the effect will be subtle. I am not a planner, I just dive in and start and figure things out as I go, this usually works for me but sometimes you just end up with a black hole. Right now the whole project is in timeout while I think and do other things.

I did finish another pair of warm wool socks, although it's been too hot to put them on for the picture.

The Weekly Leaf

This week I used the leftover crumpled and painted paper that had been used in week #8 and #10 leaves.

I was really drawn to this leaf that I had picked up in a friends yard.

It was cut out of the paper and fused to my fabric.

Then stitched.

Week #31

Daily stitching updates

Gelli prints #208- 214

The blue one makes me happy.

Shades of Orange #135-141

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