Tuesday, October 21, 2014


It's probably pretty obvious that I like leaves, considering I stitch one every week. This time of year my obsession really starts taking over, I come home from almost every walk with a handful of leaves.   Leaves have started to fall, not a whole lot of color so far this fall, but enough to get me interested. Even my friends are supplying me with leaves to play with, this week two large artichoke leaves were left on my front porch. I pressed them as flat as I could and used one of them to do some blueprinting. The leaf was quite large so I laid out six of the 8"squares of pretreated fabric. This is how it looked out in the sunshine.

And here are the printed pieces.

I'm not sure yet how it will go together, probably some sashing between the blocks.

Here are some of the leaves I've brought home.

I tried something different for my weekly leaf this time, TAP (transfer artist paper)

I hate to admit it, but I've had a package for several years, for so long that it was the original packaging from when it was first produced, before C&T started distributing it. This is the first time I've used it.
I taped several leaves to a sheet of paper, then printed it on the TAP with my inkjet printer.

leaves on the left, print on the right

I decided to use the large leaf on the lower right. It was cut out and placed print side down onto my fabric. 

Then ironed  with a very hot iron and then the paper is peeled off.

It looks like a real leaf on the fabric. There is a bit of change in the hand of the fabric, but was still very easy to stitch.

The Weekly Leaf #42

Daily stitching updates

Line Dance #288-#294

The Daily Paper #216-#222

I had to prep some more squares for the daily paper and it looks like my collection of dyed paper towels has expanded, my goal was to use them up!

Looks like I'll have enough left over to do several more projects.  

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  1. My what wonderful success you've had with printing....esp. the blueprint.....fabulous!

  2. Oh Rubbish - Blogger ate my post.
    Start again!

    I love the blueprint results! And thank you so much for showing the TAP results. Somehow the examples I have seen are more along the lines of the journaling craze, so I hadn't seen how I could make it work for me. I will put it on the 'try this one out' list.

  3. I've never tried TAP paper. Your results are terrific. It really does look like a real leaf and, of course, you artichoke is stunning.

  4. The TAP print is really nice. I've wondered about it. I like how you did the swirly stitching next to the leaf on that one.

  5. Love the leaves! And the embroidery! And the use of TAP (my package sat in a drawer for several years too). It looks like you used cyanotype fabric and some SolarFast for the artichoke??

  6. Your artichoke leaf print was spectacular. What products did you use?

  7. Great idea to use the TAP. It came out great. And I love the swirl of stitches you added to the left of it.