Thursday, November 14, 2013


My computer is old enough that it can't be updated, has slowed down, crashes daily and was starting to cause some frustration. So this week I bought a new one - I love it, but now there's more frustration. I was able to download everything from my old computer to the new one from a backup hard drive with relative ease. At least that's what I thought until I tried to open Photoshop to resize some pictures for the blog. Today I have spent well over an hour with support and tech support from Adobe only to find out that it won't work. My new computer doesn't have a disk slot, it is an external piece of hardware that I would have to buy. My photoshop will only work on the new computer if I install it from the original disk. So I can either buy a $79 piece of hardware, download a $79 app from Adobe or aperture a $79 app from apple. My current decision is to use the old computer for blog posts.

I have two printers, neither one will work with the new computer and after spending most of my morning trying to get photoshop to work, I've decided to tackle that one another day.

My camera is in for cleaning, there was dust on the inside of the lens. So I'm also without my camera for about two weeks and have dug out the old one and charged up the battery. I've noticed a difference in picture quality, so that's my excuse for bad pictures.

Daily stitching updates
360 Red Circles #309- #318

Indigo and Rust #237 - #246

Weekly Stitching
Week #46 & #47

In September I showed some blocks I was stenciling for a leaf quilt, I got side tracked for a month or so but have now gotten most of them done. I've been sticking them up on the design wall by size, when they are all done everything will get rearranged.

I have more of the 6" size to do (upper right ) and a few more of the 3" size(lower right). I may not use them all, I won't know until I start arranging them. The sizes are 9,6,and 3" squares and 9 x 3 and 6x3 inch rectangles that all fit together into 15" blocks.

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  1. Linda,

    If your old computer is a Mac also I think there is a way you can do a remote install. By connecting the two with an Ethernet cable and creating a local area network you could access the new computer as a server from your old one. Then you can do a remote install to that hard drive. Also the new OSX has an option to share external drives of other computers. If you have the two hooked together so they can file share, you should be able to access that CD drive as if it was in your new computer. I have not done this for a while but I do have a really old Mac G4 set up this way with a new Mac Mini. Good luck!


    1. Thanks for the info Jill, but I'm not very good with this stuff and you lost me at Ethernet cable.

    2. Maybe you have a computer savvy young person who can help?

  2. I feel your frustation....dealing with computer problems is agony!

  3. been there, done that -- both the new computer woes and the camera-in-this-shop-have-to-use-the-old-one.

    I feel your pain. Hope it passes soon.

    The weekly stitching looks particularly wonderful -- love the purple-on-purple.

  4. It's not fair that when we have a computer that we like and it works for what we want, some company decides we "need" more.
    You daily stitching just gets better and better.

  5. Technology.....FABULOUS when it works the way we want....Incredibly FRUSTRATING when it does not.

    Luv luv LOVE #47.......LOVE!

  6. I.too, feel your frustration having recently gone through much of the same thing when I bought my new laptop. Eventually all the bugs do get worked out.
    But look at the wonderful work you are producing inspite of it all!

  7. Thanks everyone for sharing my pain, it helps to know that I'm not the only one frustrated with all this wonderful technology!

  8. I feel for your problems, I am deciding to update to a new computer, I like what I have, and my comfort zone. I don't want the headache! Your stitching is beautiful and inventive, I like the leaves best.

  9. OMG I need a new computer because the battery doesn't charge. I told DH just to buy another battery as I don't want to go through all this kind of stuff. Oy!
    LeeAnna Paylor