Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Leaves and more

I'm having a great time with my "Almost daily leaf " project even though I'm a bit scattered bouncing between various techniques. I think that I'll be starting a separate blog just to keep track of what I'm doing. Here's a sampling;

Sketching and watercolor, this was my very first one and I was thrilled with how it came out. I've done a few more, all with watercolors that I've had sitting around unused for a very long time.

I've been stenciling a variety of different sized blocks that I plan on putting together. It's the first time some of these stencils have been used.

Carved a stamp and printed some fabric.

The best part is that I keep coming up with even more ways to play with and create leaves. Some of the ideas have been put aside for winter, they will be perfect for the leafless time of year.

I also am making a few postcards for Pokey Bolton's Pet Postcard project.

Daily Stitching updates
365 Red Circles #247 - #253

Indigo and Rust #175 - #181

Week #36

Week #37 (a bit early)

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  1. The geometric shapes of the stitching on orange Week #36 and the colors and line of the stitching in week #37 make me so happy.

    You are such a productive artist! I'm amazed at all the pots you stir at once.

  2. Your watercolor leaf is beautiful and I love the stamps, too. Did you make all those stamps?