Sunday, September 29, 2013

A busy week

One of my brothers, my sister in law and a friend traveling with them were here from New York for a week long visit. This was the first time in 43 years that my brother has been here, first time ever for the other two. The last time my brother was in the west was when he got out of the Navy and stopped in Reno on his way home to NY, my youngest was 3 weeks old, that's how I know it was that long ago.
Don and I have been married 26 years and this is the first time any of my three brothers have come west to visit, I usually go east. It was great to have them here for a week.

Last Sunday the second episode of the filming I did for Quilting Arts TV was aired here in Idaho. My good friend Barb had a viewing party at her house and my creative friends, yoga friends and bowling friends all showed up. We had a great time and it made me realize what a wonderful, supportive group of friends I have.

About a month ago I complained about the piles and lack of usable space on the makeshift table in my sewing studio. My husband has built a new table for me and he and my brother installed it. But first my job was to empty out the file cabinets that were the former base of the table, clear off the old table and make room. I did it! I now have three bags of "stuff" to send to the thrift store, I recycled a large box of papers, threw out a garbage bag full and found storage for most of the items I'm keeping. Here are 2 views of what I now have, the chair can be rolled to either side and I can access all my machines.

I will probably get a rolling storage cart that has at least one drawer big enough to hang files and it will go under the left end of the table.

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  1. Your studio looks so warm and welcoming with the rug and orange chair.

  2. Your viewing party was really fun! You do have a big circle of friends and it was great to meet them.

    I just love your orange chair.

  3. Amazing how circles can be altered in so many ways. Definitely they are my favorite shape.

  4. I am always drawn to circles. Yours are fabulous!