Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sketchbooks and journals

That is my pile of sketchbooks and journals, most of them have blank pristine pages, the others have less then five pages that have been used. The oldest one is from about 1980, was a gift from a friend and has never been used. The most used one is from 2001, it went with me to San Antonio to Jane Dunnewold's complex cloth class. The stamps I carved in that class were tested on it's pages. The pile above is not the entire collection - I have more out in Studio B. I've decided that maybe it's about time I did something about this and have signed up for Lynn Krawczyk's on line class The Written Sketchbook. Today we got our first prompts for writing and so far I've been real successful at ignoring it. I did get out my pile of books to decide which one to use, although I must admit my first thought was "I need a new sketchbook". Generally if I feel the need to write something down or to sketch something, I use one of the many little scraps of paper that are floating around the studio.
I've gotten more sewing done on the queen size quilt, I have a whole lot more to do. My weekly stitching project is starting to take shape. I dyed some old linens, clamped on plexiglass shapes and over dyed them. Some still need another dye bath, but I have enough to work with for several weeks. They are each 6" square,hand stitched, pillowcase finished, and eventually will all be stitched together. Below are the first three.
Daily stitching projects; #305 - #312
#12 -#19
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  1. There's that orange/red and blue combination again that I love so much. Are those wiggly striped units pieced or is it printed fabric?

  2. Oh my gosh - I thought that's a dirty secret of mine ... I have a similar collection of sketch books !! Love your stitching projects ;-))

  3. Really like your stitching projects. Dyeing is always an interesting subject.

  4. I have a daughter who has loved journals since she could hold a pencil. She literally has boxes and crates of them. Finally I got her to get rid of them since they are pretty much like yours - new or barely written in - now that's older - she does still collect them but does all her writing (and that's a daily thing now) online!