Friday, January 11, 2013

One done, another started

I finished the blue and orange piece, except for the label, I have no idea what to name it. I'm open to suggestions.
I've made a start on the queen size commission, here is my sketch I'm working from.
The start of the blue part. There will be a lot of tweaking to this as I go, I just needed to start and get something sewn together.
I have another row of 19 to sewn to my daily project, but since the design wall is busy, there's no full size picture. Here are #301 - #304.
Daily stitching #2, #8- #11.
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  1. Great process photos, I especially like your black and white hand stitching.

  2. Indigo Orange?
    It certainly is lovely! whatever it's name turns out to be.........and I don't really like orange.