Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SAQA auction and more work done

This week is the start of SAQA's auction, you can view this weeks works here and here. There are some wonderful art quilts available, my favorite has already gone to a new home. I was hoping it would last till the end of the week when the price was more in line with my budget. The bidding started at $750 yesterday and goes down every day of the week. I got the finishing touches(except for a sleeve and label) on a whole cloth quilt that I printed earlier this summer. It's very orange and very hard to photograph. The detail shots show the turquoise hand stitching that was added, the color in the pictures is off.
I've also reached the half way point in my daily stitching project, which also means I'm half way to my next birthday. Here are #177 - 182.
The whole group.


  1. I'm sure that this orange just sizzles in person. I can see your hand stitching, but it looks like stitches are printed on the fabric, too. Are they? How did you achieve that? And I always want to know the size.

  2. The quilt is gorgeous! I love working monochrome or with a limited palette and know the challenge of making it exciting...and I'm digging the daily stitching project!