Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another road trip

We left last Thursday for a meandering trip diagonally across Oregon to meet up with family in Roseburg. As we left Idaho we had sunny cool weather with hills turning green.
The sunny weather turned to cloudy with some rain off and on during the day. We stopped at the John Day Fossil beds and the painted hills area. There was rain and some ominous looking clouds over the painted hills.
The rain continued to get heavier and as we left Bend the following morning headed south and then west over the mountain for Roseburg we had snow.
By the time we arrived the weather cleared up for a trip to a winery and a relaxing evening. The next morning we all went for a wonderful hike up in the mountains to a water fall. Incredibly green growth with moss and ferns in abundance, quite a visual feast for someone living in the high desert. Here's the dogs waiting for us to catch up.
We took one more hike during the weekend but for the most part we just spent a whole lot of time relaxing, eating, enjoying the wine and company. A great weekend overall, then a long drive back home. I did keep up with my daily project, even doing one inspired by the ferns. Here are #72 thru #77.
Today has been a bit of a waste, other than my little four inch square, I've accomplished nothing. I had left the pieces I showed last time on the design wall hoping that I would be inspired to get right to work. It didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Great photos of your trek. Sounds like a lovely time. Can't believe you are on #77 already.