Thursday, January 6, 2011

New year, new directions

Explore is my theme for the New Year. I've made 2 separate lists of things to explore, one is places, the other is art supplies. The places list is posted on our refrigerator and lists places that are within a couple hundred miles of home that we talk about going to visit but never seem to do it. It's been on the refrigerator since Sunday and Don hasn't noticed it yet, I'm waiting to see how long it takes.
List #2 includes art supplies that I've purchased and never used. I've purchased many sketchbooks over the years, but never really use them, so I've signed up for some free online courses given by Strathmore. Below is my first page from lesson one.

Other items on my list include encaustics,needle felting, acrylics and watercolor. Both lists have lots of space to add things on as the year progresses.

I've also finished piecing the top from sample swatches, it's twin size, the picture only shows about half of it.

I have a pile off leftover pieces that will make there way into a future quilt.


  1. I'm taking the Strathmore course too!

  2. terrific! have you posted a picture of yours ? It's been hard to check them all, there's a whole lot of us taking the class.