Thursday, January 20, 2011

New work

I'm a member of SDA(Surface Design Association) and there will be a members show at the upcoming convention in June. I've known about this for over a year, but had trouble coming up with something for the theme "Merge and Flow". Finally last week I decided to do some mono prints and my fourth piece was just what I wanted. The size requirement is 12" x 28"either vertical or horizontal. I thought my piece was going to be horizontal but after doing the stitching I decided definitely vertical and the title is "Waterfall".

As you can see I'm back in black and white mode. This was done with black textile paint on white cotton, layered with flannel and hand stitched with pearl cotton. The deadline for entry is Feb. 1, so I even have time leftover!


  1. What a striking piece of work - makes me want to get my paint stuff out immediately - good luck with the entry

  2. I love it, there's so much motion in it! Did you paint it? Guess I'm not sure what mono-printing is, I'll google it after leaving this comment.