Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Twin and Christmas postcards

For the last three days my "twin" Kathy Loomis has been doing wonderful posts comparing our photos from our respective daily photo blogs, check them out at Art with a Needle

This morning I decided that if I was going to send out my usual hand made Christmas cards I'd better get them made!! So I pulled out a small quilt in greens that I made about 12 years ago.

I cut it up. I have timtex, misty fuse and wonder under, so everything I needed was on hand. This is my pile of parts, ready for the assembly line.

The backing and tree trunk fused to the 4 x 6 timtex, ready for the tree.

The "trees" cut from the quilt and a red garland stitched on each.

The finished postcards, waiting for address and stamps.

I still have parts of the quilt left so I'll have to come up with something creative to do with it.


  1. I've enjoyed "catching up" with your blog tonight...and reading about your "twin".
    I'm so far behind this Christmas, but hope to catch up soon. It's been quite a year for us.

  2. You have to say more about the Janome 725. I may be in the market too.