Monday, March 22, 2010

Quilting Arts TV

The above photo from my daily photo blog was used(with my permission) by Liz Berg as one of the photos that she used as inspiration for an abstract art quilt. She will be on the new season of the Quilting Arts TV show and did her taping recently. She talks about the experience on her blog. There's a picture on her blog of her and Pokey Bolton (host of the show), in it you can see a blown up version of my photo on the table. Unfortunately we don't get the Quilting Arts show here, but it is possible to buy a dvd of the shows after they've aired.


  1. How cool is that? :-)I wish I was able to see the show...we don't get it either.

  2. She will also get a DVD copy of the show that airs. Ask her to play it for you!