Saturday, March 13, 2010

Party Favors

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm having a party! I've never had a birthday party and have decided it's time. So while organizing a bit I came across all the edges I'd cut off pieces that I've made. They have been turned into bookmarks and coasters, I've signed them all and am giving them away as party favors. So if you happen to be in Weiser tomorrow afternoon, stop by.

These are the flowers dh got for me, yes the bow is neon pink! Not a large selection of choices here but he did get flowers.


  1. Love the bookmarks and coaster idea. I've never had a birthday party either so good for you to do it yourself!

    When I lived in Houston, there were several women in my group of friends that would have their own birthday party. I don't remember why I never did it, but it's about time with the big 60 coming this year.
    Carol K.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    We need to give you a birthday party! :-)